About Parkino

What is Parkino?

Parkino is an automated parking device that enables the parking of vehicles in narrow spaces such as garages or parking spaces. Additionally, in larger spaces Parkino can enable you to squeeze more vehicles into a given space.

Versatile, solid, reliable and economic

Thanks to its versatility, Parkino is adaptable to any installation according to the size of the vehicle and space.

Parkino is easily installed without the need of any building alteration works and just requires a 13A electrical socket.

Parkino has been designed built and strictly tested to assure the greatest reliability and versatility and is CE approved.


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how does it work?

Simply drive onto the Parkino ramp and get out of your vehicle (some vehicles may need to be left in a neutral gear – please contact us for more details).

Parkino is user friendly and uses a remote control with the functions forward, reverse and stop.

An electrical isolation switch also safeguards against any accidental operation.

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